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Our Services

We know that no two farm operations are alike, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive spectrum of consulting services to meet our partners’ needs.


Tonna Agra ownership and management partners have accumulated knowledge paramount for growing various strains of Hemp in both indoor and outdoor settings. The relationships built over time with other local farmers and their respected ownership of their farms brings added flexibility and control to cultivation strategies and operations.

Seed Starts

We have seed varieties with exclusive genetics that have high CBG levels perfect for the expanding market in multiple medical fields. Our Seed Starts are typically in 72 count trays with germinated thriving plants that are roughly 3-4 inches tall and carefully packaged for shipment. Using Seed Starts for your plot or farm greatly cuts down on risk and overhead expenses and can speed up your overall production.


At Tonna Agra, we know that you only get from the soil what you put into it. We selected our partners in this area very carefully, looking for an expert in non-chemical and organic fertilizer methods and sustainability. One of those partners is another Midwest farmer favorite: Purple Cow. The Wisconsin-based company is a leader in biodiversity advancements. Cost efficiency and the procedures behind fertilizing your crop is an intricate business.



The intricacies of planting Hemp are skills you can only learn from experience and frankly, a lot of trial and error. Not understanding and nurturing the plant as a living entity with specific needs will compromise your yield and final bottom line. The science behind prolific and robust plants has been expanding in recent years: we’re here to break it down and make it accessible to our partners.


Regardless of your planting strategy, controlling your medium and the interference of pollination, weed infiltration, and maintaining the correct elemental levels in your medium are core skills that can take years of experience to perfect. We’re committed to creative and cost effective ways to keep your plants growing to their full potential.

Final Processing


Harvesting can be done by hand or with specialized farming tools depending on your size and goals. We can consult with you on developing an effective grow plan and staffing your harvest. There is a big difference in potency between buds that are ripe and ready to harvest and ones that need longer to mature, and that difference could just be a few days. Let us show you what to look for in your plant so you feel confident every harvest. 

Drying & Sorting

Our conveyer dryer slowly dries your raw plant material at an optimum temperature to preserve terpenes and cannabinoid levels. We also offer cleaning and sorting of the dried product of stems and seeds in preparation for extraction. This step is crucial, and when done right, also provides opportunities to repurpose trimmings that you may have thrown away on your last harvest.

Extraction & Evaporation

We provide extraction equipment that converts your current stockpile of biomass into CBD & CBG oil as well as extracts your season’s crop, big or small. Once extracted, the crude oil undergoes a distillation process to remove the solvents used during initial extraction, as well as unwanted compounds. Our rotovap evaporator efficiently and cleanly removes solvents used in the extraction process, yielding a highly refined final product. 


Tonna Agra’s network ranges from small plot farmers to those with hundreds of acres, from horticulturists to information technology experts and biodiversity specialists to pilots. We’re ready to help you problem solve and enhance your process and yield.

Please contact us with any questions or ideas about how these services can elevate your farm or plot to the next level.