Our Story

Tonna Agra is a collaborative team made of some of the best and most practiced minds in hemp from across the country. And we farm some of the best soils in the world right here in Southern Minnesota.

Who We Are

From seed to shelf, Tonna Agra is a diversified agricultural product and services company primarily focused on the development and marketing of hemp, CBD, and CBG products. Currently, we are growing CBG and CBD strains at our indoor facility in Minnesota.

The company’s DNA of farming and manufacturing is the backbone of our integrity and commitment to farmers, our partners, and consumers.

The Lange Family’s decades long history of farming, processing and manufacturing serves as the template for Tonna Agra’s values and operations both now and in the future.

Chadwick Lange, Owner & CEO

Chadwick is a fourth generation Minnesota farmer with a family history of large scale growing, processing and selling of vegetable canned goods. His background also includes design, commercial real estate development, and marketing in New York and Miami, where he pioneered the pop-up store concept for national brands.

4 Generations of Farming & Processing

Chadwick comes from a long line of pioneers in farming and processing in the Midwest. His great grandfather invested in one of the first canning facilities in the region. His grandfather, along with his father, expanded operations and sales not just in the midwest, but throughout the country and the world. Chadwick carries on the tradition bringing the family’s legacy and know-how, including his own, to Tonna Agra’s business beliefs and operations.

The Lange family has been in Owatonna since 1911 when Louis Christian Lange purchased a pea cannery and began the Owatonna Canning Company. Developing new ways to create fresh, healthy and local produce has been a part of the Lange tradition. The family operation kept growing, adding seasonal crops to areas like Kenyon, Dodge Center, Olivia, Bricelyn, and Princeville, IL. The Owatonna Canning Company was one of the first to plant green beans and asparagus and came to notoriety with the highly acclaimed Festal Pumpkin—the gold standard for Thanksgiving’s pumpkin pie.

In addition to its work in the agricultural sector, the family has dug deep into serving the Owatonna community through supporting many organizations and causes. For over half a century, the Lange family has worked to build a good and stable community in which to live and work.

With generations of farming, processing, and community service as part of the Lange family heritage, coupled with our knowledge of today’s market, Tonna Agra is poised to take the industry to the next level.

Our Mission

Growing and creating the world’s best Hemp, CBD, and CBG products to help people live longer and healthier lives.